Aerial imagery assessments in the time of CV-19

A note for our clients

The impact of the CV-19 pandemic on everyone’s work – and lives – is profound. Air Photo Services is now working using our shared secured cloud drive, and no doubt most of you will be similar. To address the situation, we propose an alternative to our usual full aerial imagery assessments, while some archive access is limited or not available to us.

Overview Aerial Imagery Assessment

In mid-March 2020, our primary source of historical Air Photo (AP) data, the Historic England Archive, closed indefinitely to online searches, services and public consultation. We are however able to offer you an Overview Aerial Imagery Assessment. This will still facilitate your planning, heritage, legal and research projects, on a stage 1 'overview' level. APS has approval for this adjustment from the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA), who are reviewing their standards and guidance in accordance with the current circumstances.

Available sources

We are presently able to consult some or all of following sources to facilitate an overview assessment:

- Our own UK-wide project AP archives (1990 – 2020);
- Private archaeological AP collections, and those in Historic Environment Records (HERs);
- All timelines at Google Earth, often from 1945 – 2020;
- Visualised open source Environment Agency (EA) Lidar data;
- Britain From Above – the Aerofilms online database;
- National Collection of Aerial Photography (NCAP) website as available;
- The CUCAP online database and some digitised images which are displayed online;
- National Mapping Programme (NMP and AIM) data directly from some external providers;
- Images held at Bluesky, and Getmapping, are accessible online ;
- Our colleagues at commercial AP searching agencies whom we contract to supply legal projects;
- Online access to satellite imagery from sources such as Sentinel Hub;
- Historic Environment Records data available via HER staff working at home; and
- Geology, soil, historic and modern mapping sources online.

Chris Cox
Air Photo Services Ltd
March - April 2020